Sunday, May 27, 2007

To GU or not to GU

People have love-hate relationships with energy gels. The thought of ripping open a little packet of mysterious goop and squeezing it down your throat doesn't seem like the most pleasant thing to do while you're exercising.

They are, however, great ways to keep your sugar up. On more than one occasion I've been coming back from a long ride or assignment where there is no food to be found and I've sucked down a few gel packets that kept me going.

I've tried a few brands but have narrowed my favorites down to two, Hammer Gel and GU. Flavorwise, GU wins hands down (esp. the Strawberry/Banana flavor). Hammer Gel tastes like plastic dipped in juice. However, I will tend to use Hammer Gel more because they offer their potion in large bulk bottles that I can squeeze into a flask dispenser. GU, although it tastes wonderful, still only comes in those little foil packages, which I can picture in my mind filling up a landfill.

So what would you buy? Eco-friendlier goop that tastes like dipped plastic or yummy stuff whose packaging litters streets and inevitably finds its way to a landfill?

I emailed GU today and plan on calling them later in the week to see if they have any plans for bulk bottles (or to see if I can atleast buy a gallon for myself:).

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