Thursday, May 10, 2007

A little more with a little less....

I'm going on a mini overnight tour with my girlfriend this weekend. We're staying at a 50s cottage at Crystal Cove. I've been debating which bike to bring. The Xtracycle is great, but I will be packing light and would rather not be carrything the extra weight. So I figured I'd try taking my fixie.

Fixed gear bikes probably aren't the first thing that comes to mind as a touring bike. Mine has no eyelets for fenders or a rear rack. I went to a local bike shop and bought this seatpost rack by Delta (the Delta PostPorter). This particular model has a frame that pannier hooks can attach to. It's weight limit is 25lbs.

I tested it out today running some errands. I attached a basket to it and bought some groceries. Later, I took it out for a quick assignment, strapping my Bogen 3031 tripod to it (not the lightest tripod). So far it has performed admirably. The true test will be this weekend when I will have two panniers on it.

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