Saturday, May 19, 2007

Going to the Commuter Expo!

I'm going to the Urban Bicycle Commuter Expo today in Pasadena. My girlfriend and I are going to go multi-modal, hopping the Metro Blue Line to LA to the Gold Line to Pasadena then biking it the rest of the way. Another fun urban adventure. Here's a description of the event from the C.I.C.L.E site:
Curious about bicycles? Find out everything you want to know and discover exciting inventions at the Urban Bicycle Commuter Expo in the One Colorado Courtyard. Expo will steer you to innovative cycling ideas, whether you are just starting out, or already an enthusiast. You’ll receive answers to such questions as, What kind of bicycle do I need? How much can I be expected to pay? Can I carry my laptop on my bike? Take part in bicycle maintenance workshops. Marvel at Funky to Functional, an exhibition of D.I.Y. personalized commuter bikes. Confirmed exhibitors include REI, InCycle, Pasadena Cyclery, Path to Freedom (XtraCycle dealer), Flex Car, Cal Start, LACBC, CICLE, Bikerowave, Bike Oven, Psycles Chopper Club, AIDS Lifecycle, Patagonia, Metro and city of Pasadena departments of Public Works and Transportation. Urban Bicycle Commuter Expo is free and open to the public.

If you see someone walking around sorta looking like a chipmunk with a fixie with orange deep Vs, give me a holla. :)

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