Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Time Online

Got a short quote in a Time article this past week:
Using a bicycle to get around has always been a bittersweet proposition in Southern California. Sure, it's eco-friendly, an excellent cardio workout and a pleasant alternative to snail's-pace public transportation, gridlocked freeways and king's-ransom gas prices. The drawback is finding a convenient, theft-proof parking spot. "When you can find a safe parking spot on the street, it's often 100 feet or more from your destination; and if there is secure bike parking, it's usually behind the building near the weeds next to a trash dumpster," says Russ Roca, a local photographer who doesn't own a car and hauls up to 200 pounds of equipment on his bike's trailer attachment. "Bike riders are treated like social pariahs and second-class citizens."

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Derek said...

Hey! Cool to see you have a blog going now. I'll be checking back :)