Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Espresso and Blinkies

Another day of errands. Helped a friend, also car free, move an espresso maker across town with the Xtracycle. When I ride in lots of main streets I'll usually turn on my Dinotte tail light. The Dinotte is the ultimate commuter blinky. For its princely sum of just over $100 it delivers the brightest, skull numbing red flash of light you will ever look at. I run it on the road during the day and cars give me a wider berth.

It's that bright.

The downside is the mounting sucks. The only thing holding it to your bike is an O-ring. It is also eats batteries for breakfast. However, if you absolutely positively want to be seen and also want to temporarily blind people behind you, this is the light for you.

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nollij said...

What kind of battery life are you getting on the DiNotte taillight? I was thinking about getting one of these myself...