Friday, May 25, 2007

On Cups...

Here is a mini review of the Electra cup holder. I saw one on Moe's (from bike at the Expo. It seemed nicer than others I had seen. The best part was that it could be attached and removed without any tools. Great for moving from bike to bike.

I bought one and it was great until I tried it with a paper coffee cup. After hitting a small bump, I had a nice burning puddle of espresso on my leg. I pulled over, dumped half the coffee out and kept peddaling. Still no luck. Every small pothole would make the coffee erupt out of the cup. Probably the fault of the cup more than the holder, so beware with the lids on your coffee cups.

I then tried it with a travel mug I've been using for years. It wouldn't fit. The diamter of the steel band was to small and there was no way to adjust it.

This, of course, sent me on a quest to find a travel mug that would fit in the holder. I tried a few stores and didn't find anything until I went to a Peet's and found this Nissan made (who knew they made mugs?) travel mug.

It fit! The top has some fancy hole that opens up when you depress the handle, which I will no doubt manage to destroy in a month. Coffee still tends to bubble out occasionally, but not quite with as much frequency and velocity.

Overall, I would say the coffee holder is great, if you can find a mug that works with it.

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califmom said...

Happy to have stumbled upon your review. I was eyeing this accessory, but wondered if it would actually work w/a paper cup. Now I'll know the perfect combo of cupholder/cup.