Thursday, May 17, 2007

I survived....

So I survived having my wisdom teeth pulled out. Such a strange experience. They hooked me up to an IV and I was expecting them to ask me to count backwards from 100, like I've been told by so many people, but instead I just blacked out and woke up with what felt like a large slug in my mouth.

The slug turned out to be my tongue. My face was a complete numb mess. I couldn't even swallow. They gave me some Advil to help with the pain but the best I could do was swish it around my mouth. I didn't have enough muscle control to swallow it and I sheepishly just spit it back out.

I've come to the conclusion that coming out of general anesthesia is like having a really bad hangover. Your half cognizant, stumbling around and have no fine motor skills. And you sometimes feel like puking.

All day yesterday the pain would come and go and I was pretty doped up on Vicodin. I was having a hard time eating enough to buffer the painkillers so I was pretty loopy all day yesterday. I'm trying to get by without the Vicodin today because I'm getting tired of feeling sedated and half-conscious.

I think staying home and resting will be the toughest part for me. I'm so use to being out and about that all this inaction is really frustrating. Right now, I have a bike on a workstand just to be doing something. I've been trying to do some photoshop but I have a hard time concentrating.

Hope I feel better tommorrow.....

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Jamie said...

You'll feel better - especially with those teeth out of your mouth. I think that when I had mine out, the worst part was coming out from being under sedation... you nailed it when describing it like a hangover.