Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Congressional Race Photos

Michael Clements, organizer of

I was sent down to my local watering hole for Beer and Politics, a monthly gathering where one really fun thing and one really frustrating thing are shaken up to a milky froth. This particular session was packed and attracted a lot of interest as it was a forum for candidates running for the 37th District congressional seat.

My goal was to try to get a portrait of all the candidates by the bar. I set up my umbrella and a little kicker light for separation. As it turned out I was only able to get about three portraits since people were coming late and the bar was filling up quickly. After about the third person almost tripped on my lightstand, I packed it up and decided shift gears from portrait mode to event mode. I tucked my backpack away by the stage and went light, shooting with available light.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the portraits I was able to get with the light kit. It was something different. I had never tried to set up some sort of formal lighting at an event and it was a learning experience. I had to act fast with setting up the light and think quickly as people were moving all around me. I was pretty impressed with the quality of light the big silver umbrella gave and made a mental note to take it out again.

Republican candidate for the 37th Congressional District, John Kanaley.

Democratic candidate and State Assembly member, Laura Richardson.

The crowd at Gallaghers in Long Beach.

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