Saturday, November 22, 2008

Life on the 14th floor...

I had an assignment to photograph a meeting between Rev. Carter and Mayor Bob Foster the other day at City Hall. One thing I've learned with photographing public figures is that you have to be fluid. Schedules are always changing and being pushed back. Sometimes you have half an hour to shoot, sometimes five minutes, so speed is of the essence.

I've photographed in the mayor's office before so I knew that the big bank of windows would provide a nice big directional light. I opted for that instead of the conference room that has bright fluorescents but the lighting is sort of flat and blah...So I had a choice between bright and flat lighting, or directional but not-so-bright lighting.

I went with the low light/directional even though I had to push the ISO because I felt that it would make more interesting images. I think they turned out great. I love the reflections off the table. I was able to burn in the outside with Lightroom so the background wouldn't completely white-out.

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