Sunday, November 23, 2008

Canon G10 + Vivitar

I took the G10 out tonight for a party. I haven't taken a camera out for a purely social gathering in a long time. I threw on a small Vivitar flash and decided to see how it would fare.

I put the Vivitar in Auto mode and guesstimated the exposure in manual mode on the G10. It came out to something like 4.5 @ 1/5th at ISO 200 or something. Not too shabby, I think. All things considered, the pictures are pretty pleasing from a point and shoot. Probably not a whole lot different than from a DSLR.

There was a bit of shutter lag and I minimized this by pre-focusing the lens to 4 feet in manual focus mode. It felt like my old rangefinder days where I would zone focus the Leicas. Ah...the good ole' days.

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