Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm 31 Today!

I have a toe firmly planted in my 30s. No going back now. It's been a busy day, though none of it birthday related. I photographed a hearing regarding a developer building on an indian burial ground. I was in a meeting regarding the upcoming BikeLongBeach website. And later this evening, I'm photographing an event at the Long Beach Musuem of Art.

It's busy, but I really wouldn't want it anyway. Things are slow for everyone and I'm glad I can still ride my bike and shoot. Plus, it keeps my mind off of growing old!

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.


GhostRider said...

Dadgum youngster...I'll be 40 in just a couple months.

Happy birthday all the same!

Perry said...

HaHa. You're old! Just kidding. I'll be 51 in a few months. I enjoy your photos and your bike traveling ways.

I'd love to see some posts about long as you are not giving away trade secrets ;-). I think it would get you a whole new audience plus most cyclists like to take photos so we'd lap it up.