Thursday, November 20, 2008

A 6 hour train adventure...of sorts

I'm beat. The map above represents my trip yesterday. The bike is in Long Beach and the little camera icon was where my shoot was, Palmdale. It's a long drive and even longer if you don't have a car. However, I was able to do it!

The assignment was to shoot some interior, exterior and some lifestyle images for a latino-specific T-Mobile store in Palmdale. The crew there was great to work with and made my job easy. The toughest part was just getting there:)

I loaded up my Surly LHT and used an Ortlieb Shuttle Box that contained all my camera gear. I also strapped down a heavy Manfrotto tripod to my Tubus rack. The rest of my tools and clothes I carried up front. It made for a top-heavy bike, but it was compact enough that I could maneuver the multiple trains I had to hop.

The commute looked something like this:

1) Ride from home to Blue Line in Long Beach
2) Take the Blue line to end of the line (1hr)
3) Transfer to the Red line to Union Station (15mins)
4) Purchase tickets at Union Station and get on the Metrolink Antelope Valley line and ride that nearly all the way to the end to Palmdale (2hrs).
5) Navigate through a NOT very bike-friendly city to the location.

What made the shoot particularly tricky was that I had to get a nighttime exterior shot and it gets dark around 5pm. The LAST train back to LA left at 5:59pm. So i had to shoot rather quickly, pack my stuff in a hurry then bolt back to the station.

Everything worked out great. The images came out great. I was able to traverse So. Cal without having to put my foot on a (gas) pedal.


Perry said...

You're a very determined fellow. If I were in your shoes, i might have gone for the flexcar on this one. Good job!

RussRoca said...

I considered a Flex-Car but I haven't laid hands on a steering wheel in 8.5 years...

At this point, I don't think I could do it...I've lost the muscle memory, esp for that MUCH driving...