Monday, November 24, 2008

G10 Portraits...

A few more portraits I took today with the G10. These are for a mock PSA I'm working on that will promote cycling in Long Beach. Hopefully this concept will come to fruition. All the images shot using available light. Post-processing for lens blur, BW, corner vignetting and exposure adjustment to give it that Avedon look.


Ken said...

Outstanding photos Russ,

I wish the G10 was around when I bought my compact. I ended up with a Ricoh GX100 because I wanted a 24mm lens.


Jon, onehumanbeing said...

" They say the 'best' camera is the camera you have in your hand. That is to say, if you don't take it out and use it, then it doesn't matter if you own a Hasselblad or a Leica or a Holga."

So true!

I love the photo of the inclines with the two people at the bottom... would you like to collaborate with me on a art piece?

I'd love to use that photo as a starting point for one of my drawings... let me know.

See you tomorrow.
Jon, onehumanbeing