Thursday, June 12, 2008

What a crazy day!

First off...yes...that's a giant inflatable globe strapped to my trailer. was a whirlwind sort of day. I could hardly sleep last night I was so nervous, which really didn't go away until halfway through the day. The three person crew was great and Nick the producer guided me through the filming. I'm definitely a lot more comfortable behind the camera, but this was an awesome experience (Oprah, here I come...).

The morning was filled with lots of film me getting ready, picking out my gear, stuffing my cases and loading the bike, all the while talking (slightly to the side of the lens of the camera). It took some getting use to. I didn't really hit my stride until the actual photoshoot (and it was a real job too!), where I was in my element. It was a little nutty to have a boom and camera while shooting, but I was able to forget about it all and concentrate on the job.

Amidst the small tornado of activity, I was able to get some good snaps :)

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Meanie Greenie said...

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