Saturday, June 21, 2008

Should I tilt or should I shift?

I've been looking at some portraits I took a few years ago (back when I was shooting copious amounts of film) and really miss that "film" look. I did some portraits shooting with a 4x5 Super Graphic, mostly on a tripod, shooting with some Polaroid 55 (creates a negative you can print from). Back then, I did all the selective focus the old way..with the lens.

I've been playing around trying to recreate it with PS and am really unsatisfied with it. Perhaps it's my PS skills. But there is something creamy and organic from doing these effects in-camera. I've been pondering getting a 3G LensBaby, but a lot of samples I've seen on the net have super heavy distortion. Selective focus on a 4x5 is smooth, subtle and dreamlike...not like you're going into warp speed in the Millennium Falcon.

Thoughts from Lensbaby 3G users?


Vik said...

Love the blog - being a seriously average amateur photographer who just got a SLR you photos are both daunting and inspirational.

If you ever need a bicycle powered apprentice for a'll bring down my Big Dummy and be your lens slave just to pick up some tips....hahaha...I'm not even joking!

Keep up the good work...=-)

Samuel said...

Hi, full disclaimer -- i work for Lensbaby and stumbled upon your blog. One thing to say: you can control the amount of blur by stopping down the lens. at f/8 it's quite subtle. We also have a very no hassle 30 day money back return policy if you'd like to give it a try.


Russ Roca said...

Hey there Sam....any interest in sending me a loaner to test out for a few shoots?