Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grab a District

Got the cover of this week's District. Cover came out well. I wish I had gotten the catch lights in his eyes (note to self). It was from the last set of pics we took for the day and I had to rush home for another job. Ugh. In a way it's a bit more menacing than I would have preferred, but it does communicate the sense of some dark cloud brewing. I'm wishing I had a beauty dish for these portraits. It would give me a little softer light but have a hard edge. The Nikon strobes are great, but naked they are a pretty hard light source. The only affordable option would be to get an Alien Bee and portable power pack (not so portable at 18lbs!).

The large inside photo is one of my tests with the tilt/shift thing. The effect came out okay. I've gotten a little better at it so I hope to use it again for another assignment.

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