Monday, June 09, 2008

Hit the road Jacks

Today they began the demolition of Jacks Liquor on Long Beach Blvd. Not particularly interesting in itself, except for the fact that it is adjacent to Acres of Books. It seems another nail in the inevitable coffin for one of Long Beach's treasures. I took some snaps for posterity's sake. Click on the pic for the slideshow...


Anonymous said...

The photography is marvelous, as yours always is. We are wondering why there was no ceremony when "Terry's Camera" was taken down. It was certainly of more value both archetecturally and culturally than Jack's. Is it to make it appear that "Acres of Books " is holding up the "renewal" of this end of town?

RussRoca said...

I'm still a little bent out of shape out of Terry's Camera. I loved that store and the people that worked there. That's where I really got my start/inspiration to be a photographer (something that's not going to happen at a Ritz or Wolf Camera).

I was a little disappointed too when Terry's was unceremoniously knocked down. Maybe there was notice because the community would have given more grief since it wasn't a troublesome liquor store perhaps?

Acres will be knocked down in due time. I'm not losing much sleep over Jacks, but I do have a sore spot for what happened to Terry's and what will eventually happen to Acres.