Friday, January 11, 2008

Wingspan Foundation

So far, a few of my New Year's resolutions are coming true. I'm getting more involved in the bike community. I've ordered my new cargo bike. And now, I've done some photography for another non-profit! (Now if only the Nikon D3 would appear in my hands :)

I photographed some images for a new non-profit called Wingspan this week. It's concept is to pair two different schools from differing backgrounds together in a mentorship type partnership, where both sets of students gain to learn something through the interaction.

I was odd to go back to a grade school. I have forgotten the utter madness of recess! The shoot went by fast. I only had about an hour at each location so there was no time for introductions. I more or less showed up and started shooting. My experience of shooting news events really came in handy. Something just turns on in my head and I go into photojournalism mode.

Another fun fact about this job was that it was way out in Santa Ana. Rideable by bike (I've done it before), but I had to get to the first location by 8:30am. I couldn't see myself getting up at 5am to ride through morning rush hour. Fortunately, there was a bus about six blocks away from me that left Long Beach and dropped me off within walking distance of the first location.

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