Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dumb phone and other thoughts....

I recently got a new phone. A dumb phone. In a time where a phone is part camera/gps/web browser/blender (aka smart phones), I walked into my local T-mobile and asked for the dumbest phone they had.

For the last few years I've had quite a few smart phones ( a few generations of the Sidekick, a Blackberry, etc.,) and part of me is tired of being that connected all the time. Part of me is also really tired of a phone not being able to do its most basic function (being a phone) very well.

So I walked in and looked for the dumbest phone they had and I found one. A Nokia. It's the slightly glitzier version of the old reliable Nokia that EVERYBODY had about 7 years ago. You know what I"m talking about. You probably had one. Small. Fits in one hand. Sleek but no frills. Just a good phone.

At first I wondered if I could get along with such a dumb phone, but now I find it quite liberating. It does what it does well and that's it. Simple. It's small and seems fairly robust. No moving, flipping, spinning, glowing parts to break. For a time, atleast, I feel freed from my electronic leash.

And speaking of leashes, I am getting that itch to hop on the train with my bike and go to parts unknown. The feeling comes and it goes but this time it is coming awfully strong. Maybe it's the new year. Maybe it's part of being 30 (geez, that still feels weird to say). Part of me is really aching for the simple life, where all I'm responsible for is moving the pedals and my person from one point to another.

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Barry said...

I know what you mean. I've had an LG cell phone for four years now. It's a phone and only a phone. I get great reception wherever I am and I've never had any problems. At least once a year I get a call from my Network offering me an upgrade that will do everything but cook dinner. At least once a year I happily turn them down.

Great photos by the way!