Sunday, January 20, 2008

Beer Adventure #1

Laura and I went on a beer tasting adventure on Sat. We were going to a few breweries in Torrance but the selection looked rather sad, so we decided to trek out to Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach. We took the Blue Line (a sort of necessity for multi-modal transit, since buses only can carry 2 bikes and aren't guaranteed available) from Long Beach and transferred to the Green Line which dropped us off a few miles from the coast.

Riding to the Metro Station in downtown LB:

Blue Line to the Green Line route:

Green Line stop to Redondo Beach and back...

On this outing we were able to stop at two brewpubs, one at Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach. We rode a total of 24 miles and counting the Metro miles, we traveled a total of 75 miles, all for $5 a piece (cost of an all day Metro pass). It was a really beautiful clear day to do it which made it an even more pleasant ride.

We hit some car traffic, but it was manageable. We took Rosecranz to Manhattan beach. It had a few hills that came as a surprise (everything looks flat on the map). It was mostly a 3 lane road and Laura and I took up the whole right lane. On the way home, we took Manhattan Beach Blvd., which was even hillier and only had 2 lanes. Not ideal, but for the most part, the cars played nice and we only got honked at once when we were on Marine about a block away from the Green Line stop.

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