Monday, January 07, 2008


I got the wheels moving on getting a new cargo bike for this year. I spoke with Steve from Bilenky and put a deposit down on a cargo bike! I've been eyeing one for a long time and am ready to go for it. It will be orange (of course) with blue as the secondary color and it will have a handpainted sign in the middle that says "Eco-Friendly Bicycling". It won't be ready for a few months but I wanted to get the process started.

I can't wait! I'll do periodic posts as it is getting built.

Sweet...might not have to wait as long as I thought....ballpark delivery date is end of Feb!


Dominic said...

I'm interested to see how it handles with the crosswinds on PCH hitting that sign and cargo.

RussRoca said...

Can't imagine it could be much worse than the xtracycle...