Friday, October 05, 2007

What it looks like in action...

I had a little downtime in between some art pieces so I took this quick snap of my set up.

2 Nikon strobes with shoot through umbrellas. I had to alter the angles and sometimes bounce the umbrellas into the ceiling and use a large reflector at the bottom to adjust for reflective oil paintings....

You can also see a flashlight that i gaffer taped to a light stand that I used as my focusing light. The room lights were shut off (from a circuit board convenient switch), so as not to mix light sources (tungsten and strobe).

Just off to the right you can see where I taped two long lengths of grey seamless paper from the ceiling. I shot from behind there when I was photographing images behind glass...the paper worked to hide me in the reflections. I also had to wrap my tripod with seamless.

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