Monday, October 15, 2007

My Eco-Friendly Bicycling Girlfriend.... :)

Riding a bike around gets me strange looks sometimes, so it's nice to be with someone that understands what I'm doing and is supportive. Laura has been commuting to work by bicycle five days a week for several months now. Whenever we go someplace that is in Long Beach, we'll ride there. Groceries. Movies. Farmer's Market.

This past weekend she was participating in an art show selling her jewelry in Signal Hill. Of course, instead of packing things in a car, we loaded it all up on my Burley flatbed and attached it to her bike. She was able to carry all her jewelry and display materials via bike and trailer. Awesome!

It didn't help that there was a bit of a hill between us and the art show but it brought back memories of huffing it up the coastal mountains in Oregon.

So if you want some jewelry (as a gift or for yourself this holiday season), check out her etsy store and click away :) She works with silver and non-traditional materials, combinging things like leaves, seeds and even bark with silver and copper. Cool stuff.

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