Monday, October 22, 2007

A Big Sur Wedding...

Just came back from Big Sur today. Laura and drove through some crazy winds and smoke on the way back and for a second entertained the idea of going back :) It was nice to get out of Long Beach for a few days and apparently this crazy heat, wind and fire.

We went to Big Sur with some friends for their friends wedding. It was a nice simple ceremony in the woods at Limekiln. The couple didn't hire a photographer so I took a few snaps. They were very earthy and organic and it was only fitting they would get married here.

The father of the bride assembling benches that he made for his daughter. At each end of the bench is a carved C and S for Chris and Sarah.

The bride, Sarah, with some awesome looking dreads!

The couple enjoying some time together at a bridge over a stream that runs to the river.

Sarah's silhouette as she sits with the wedding party watching the immense waves break at the cove.

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