Sunday, October 14, 2007

Looking for an extra 5k in the couch...

I don't get excited by digital cameras too often (especially Nikon ones). However, I just about messed myself when I read about their latest offering, the Nikon D3.

I guess I've been under a rock when it comes to Nikon's new offerings. I never thought they would offer a full frame camera, but here it is!

And let me tell you, it's beautiful.

It's full frame. Did I mention that? That means when you're on 17mm on the lens it's 17mm and not 25mm. For wide angle shooters (like me), this is a godsend.

As if having wide angle return to Nikon wasn't enough, the darn thing can shoot up to ISO 25,000!!!! I've seen sample shots of it at 6400 and it's beautiful (for 6400). I was an available light shooter when I was shooting film (Leica and Neopan 1600) and now I can be an available light shooter again with digital (without a tripod and noise).

Downside is that it cost $5000, which isn't too bad considering everything you get. The first shipment comes out in November for those who have already pre-ordered. I'll have a long while yet of saving pennies until I get my hands on one, unless there's an extra 5k hidden in my couch somewhere.

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