Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tools of the Trade

People always wonder what I carry during assignments since I am on bike. It usually varies with what I'm shooting.

If I'm shooting a protest or an outdoor event, I pack light. 2 cameras (one wide, one long), one strobe and no lightsands.

If I'm shooting for an image with multiple people that requires that I overpower the sun, I'll bring some stands, umbrellas and a pair of Norman 200Bs, which usually give enough juice to keep the sun in check.

Today, I'm shooting a portrait of a single person in his office. I'm bringing some strobes to help control the light as typical office light is ghastly and flat. Here's the breakdown:

1 D200 with 17-55
85mm 1.8
1 SB800 strobe
1 SB-24
Pocket Wizards
TTL cord
Bogen Superclamp
Bogen Monopod
Bogen small lightstand with umbrella adaptor
Small Chimera Softbox with speedring and mountings
Roscoe sample filter packet
Memory Cards
Leatherman Tool
Bike multitool, patch kit, compressed air and water

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