Monday, April 23, 2007


Since I've been doing lots of local assignments on my fixed gear, I decided to try to smack some advertisement on it :) I have mini billboards that hang off the side of my Xtracycle but nothing for the fixie.

I've been thinking about it a for a while but the nice big aero profile of the Veloctiy Deep V makes a great canvas for artistic expression. I rode down to Lyons, the local art supply store, and bought some 1 inch black vinyl letters.

10 minutes later...I've got something for people to read as I trackstand at lights :)

When I reinserted wheel I made sure that the text would be legible when my pedals are at 3 and 9 o'clock. I think I'd like to try a photoshoot where I'm skidding and someone is panning the camera so everything is a blur except for the text.

I took the bike to the bluffs to take some pictures. I convinced someone there to take some pics of me while I was on the bike, but she misfocused and it came out blurry, but still sorta neat looking.


CarveyP said...

Very nice bike an dI like the blog site as well. Saw you posted on and came over to take a look.

JerYang said...

"misfocused" is generous. She might as well have been taking the picture with both eyes shut!