Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bikes and HGTV

Today was rather fortuitous. I was hanging out at Bikestation when some people from HGTV came in with cameras. They had picked up the LA Times story and were doing a video piece. After they had filmed some footage of Bikestation and the Executive Director they asked if they could interview me. I did a short interview and they were good fun. The cameraman asked if he could strap his camera to my bike somehow to get some B roll. I had the Xtracycle so I was able to sling it in one of the panniers and took a few quick spins up and down the street. Hopefully they'll contact me so I know when it will air.

I decided I wasn't happy with the snaps of my bike yesterday so I brought it to the park to take some pics to submit to Fixed Gear Gallery , the great repository of fixies from around the world. I found a tree stump in the park that also happened to get a nice shaft of light and took some snaps and mailed it in.

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Amy said...

AWESOME! I can now say I know a TV star!