Monday, April 30, 2007


I had my first spill on my fixie this morning. It happened unceremoniously while I was coming back from Seal Beach. I was just about to go over the small bridge to 2nd Street, standing on the pedals, when my right foot unclipped. In some instantaneous chain of events that I don't fully comprehend, I ended up "flying over the handlebars."

I always thought that "flying over the handlebars" was thrown around metaphorically or as a bit of playful imagery to spice up a story. Apparently, when people fly over the handlebars that is literally what happens.

I flew and landed on my left arm. Thankfully, nothing broken, just a little road rash, some sore muscles and a pair of out of true wheels.

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Jamie said...

I did the old "over-the-handlebars" flop once myself. Back when I was a teenager I was riding home from a swim team practice and my duffel bag (which I had hanging from my right handlebar, fairly stupidly) got caught in my front wheel. Basically the front wheel stopped moving and the rest of the bike kept right on going. Just about knocked myself silly but I was okay after a few minutes.

I think I bought started using a backpack after that...