Monday, April 30, 2007

Constructed Realities

This weekend I did a photo shoot for a local development company, Conduit Development. Their growing speciality is building with ICF, or insulated concrete forms. Basically, instead of using wood to frame a house, they use foam forms that shape the walls which is eventually filled with concrete. This creates a solid, well insulated, fireproof and more eco-friendly structure.

I was hired to shoot some portraits of the principals as well as some lifestyle images telling the story of a family moving into a new home built by Conduit. I got to work with real clients who were actually walking through the frame of their new house. It was a fun shoot but also a challenge. I had to direct people but also keep it loose enough so the images look natural.

Shoots like this take lots of quick thinking. I had a storyboard of some images I knew I wanted to get, but I also had to keep myself open to impromptu images.

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