Thursday, April 26, 2007

Somewhere I've Never Been

Today's Adventure

Out on assignment today for the District. They're sending me to Santa Fe Springs. It sounds far. Santa Fe ( I think, New Mexico?) Springs (I think, there's nothing in LB even remotely pastoral). I found the location on Google Maps and although it was further than average (20 miles one way, 40 miles round trip), it was atleast located near the San Gabriel river trail.

I've never been that far on the San Gabriel, nor have I ever even heard of Santa Fe Springs, so it will be an adventure. I always think of Diane Arbus' statement in her Aperture monograph.

My favorite thing is to go where I've never been. For me there's something about just going into somebody else's house. When it comes time to go, if I have to take a bus to somewhere or if I have to take a cab uptown, it's like I've got a blind date. It's always seemed something like that to me. And sometimes I have a sinking feeling of, Oh God it's time and I really don't want to go. And then, once I'm on my way, something terrific takes over about the sort of queasiness of it and how there's absolutely no method for control.

I get the same mixture of queasiness and fear, but the prospect of something new and different always pushes me and my bike out the door.

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