Sunday, June 28, 2009

A blistering 5mph...

One of the biggest objections to the sharrows on 2nd is that bikes will slow traffic during rush hour or during the weekends. Somehow, the perception is that bikes won't be able to keep up or that the traffic speeds are too great. I decided to film our ride to Trader Joes on a Saturday afternoon.

For the .6 miles through Belmont Shore, we average a brisk 5mph pace. A speed that I'm sure many cyclists can keep up. I think it's plenty obvious that its cars that are slowing cars down and not the bikes.


David Martinez said...

I love how video can spell things out so clearly.

If a picture gives you 1000 words, I think video gives you a million.

Charlie D. said...

One of the advantages to bike lanes is that you'd get to bypass all that slow/stopped traffic! But I love the facility. When the political will isn't there to remove a travel lane, this is definitely the next best thing!

Loganenator said...

Wow! I've heard about the famous L.A./Long beach traffic gridlock but I thought it was only on the freeways. Great commentary! :)

We were in Portland, OR this last weekend and It was hard to find a street that did not have a bike lane. That city should make a great start to your epic adventure. ;) Be sure to grab some local Stumptown coffee for your saddle bags. ;)

Erik said...

Hey! Was that a pedestrian trying to cross at 07:08? I think you failed to yield!


Dave Atkins said...

Wow, that is a frustrating ride. I love the idea of what you're doing but I would not ride on that road if what you experience is typical. I bike commute on a fixed gear to Boston from the suburbs about 12 miles in 50 minutes.

I wonder if sharrows are any good in the suburbs? In Westwood, MA, we have many roads that are not quite wide enough for bike lanes, but are already marked out so you have a shoulder of 0-3 feet. I'd love to see a 3' wide swath of green TO THE LEFT of the white line...but I think people believe that 0-3' is where the bikes "go."

RussRoca said...

It is pretty frustrating. I was filming to demonstrate that it's cars and not bikes causing the traffic jams, otherwise I would have gone into the left lane to pass.

It's amazing that it turns into a virtual parking lot!