Friday, June 05, 2009

Long Beach's New Hope

Today I did a portrait session with Charles Gandy, Long Beach's new mobility coordinator.

Could this mean brighter days for bicycling in Long Beach? I hope so. Many know I've tried to be involved with the city in several ways that haven't come out to much. I hope Charlie can be the agent of change the city needs. I've met with him a few times and he seems to "get it." When I visited him at his cubicle he had his bike parked inside and it wasn't there just for show or to trot out at the occasional bit of political theater.

He rides. He commutes. And for once, in a long while, I have hope. Let's see if he can pull it off.

(For the strobists out there, I shot it with two Nikon SB-28s on two separate lightstands, one slightly lower than the other so I could get full body coverage. Strobes were dialed to about 1/8th power, D300 was at its lowest ISO setting, shutter was around 250-400 to overpower the sun. I positioned him with the sun to his back to add as a rim light.)

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Chris Ray Robertson said...

Hey Russ-
It was great to finally meet & ride at the same time. Hope to see you around again before you leave. I love the second image. Very relaxed and personable feel. Well done.