Thursday, June 25, 2009

LBC Gets Sharrows and a Big Ass Green Stripe

Today felt like Bizarro World today as Laura and I were riding through Belmont Shore. We were greeted with a big ass green stripe with Sharrows! They were still in the process of painting the sharrow symbols so I didn't get to try it out. I did run into Mr. Gandy, our new mobility coordinator, and talked a little about them.

So far, I have to say that I'm impressed. They were put in the middle of the lane so they are visible. The big ass green stripe helps too :) Now, it's time to watch the chaos unfold as Belmont shore residents, business owners and cyclists try to figure out what the heck is going on.

And just to be a nag, I'd like to say that I was given my ticket EXACTLY where the big ass green stripe is. There you go Officer Wharton, that's what I meant by sharrow and it's there because it's the SAFEST place to be on the road. And like I mentioned during our roadside discussion, cyclists can occupy the center of the lane when they feel it is dangerous (like in Belmont Shore with substandard lanes and the threat of opening car doors).


Bill T said...

It's beautiful! I love it! What a bold statement. Thanks Russ, I will tweet the hell out of this!

Anonymous said...


travis bos said...

oh lordy that pissed off 'cyclist' was hilarious!
thanks for the video, Russ.
Long Beach is starting to look sexy.

Doug Folkerts said...

How does that work, is the idea that the cars and bikes will share that lane?
I grew up very near there. That's so cool that Long Beach even has a mobility coordinator.
I'm guessing that was taken with your LX3? I love mine.

Celeste said...

Wowzers. The city officials in your area are much classier and more eloquent than the ones I have to deal with on a daily basis :oP

Congrats on the sharrow lane. I think it's awesome. It'll take some time for the others to "get" it but I'm sure they'll come around.

It seems like nothing is changing. That has always been the preferred lane for bikes, they just now have it marked so it is clear to both bikers and drivers (bikers know where to go, drivers know where to be extra cautious). That's my understanding at least.

Chip said...

Wow... If that doesn't make it obvious.. then what will?! :) A buddy of mine just moved to LB... But he's in downtown (Pine St.) ... Pretty bike-hostile environment there :)

Tim K said...

Absolutely beautiful!

I hope the motorists figure it out and respect it. In Seattle it would probably stop traffic for days because no one would know what to do with it (either that or the delivery trucks would think it was an easy parking zone).