Friday, June 26, 2009

More from the Sharrow Cam

After being rudely interrupted at my last attempt at making a Sharrow video, I thought I'd give it another try. I strapped my GoPro Hero Wide cam on the bike and rode up and down several times to get a sense of how they feel. If you haven't tried it, they're wonderful!

I also got some rider reactions about the new sharrows. So watch and enjoy the Sharrow Cam!


Bill T said...

Thanks Russ. Keep up the great work and I will retweet the hell out of it!

Chapulin said...

Eastside Bike Club will take a trip to Long Beach soon! They look great!

ChipSeal said...

This is the proper, safe and legal lane positioning for cyclists on narrow laned roads. (At any cycling speed, by the way!)

Just imagine a wide green ribbon of paint is in the center of the lane when you encounter narrow lanes without them! Motorists may get annoyed, but they will be annoyed anyway even if you weren't there.

Take the lane, ride large!

RussRoca said...


I know and completely agree. I got a ticket for riding in the center just a few months ago. One of my purposes of shooting the video is to show that I was riding within my legal right even BEFORE the sharrow, since sharrows do nothing to change the the CVC of the road but act as visual reminders.