Thursday, July 02, 2009

Rangefinder Magazine

July is looking to be a great month! Not only do Laura and I leave on our epic journey (, but I also got featured in Rangefinder Magazine! Out of many photo magazines, Rangefinder has to be my favorite so it's a great honor to be in there. If you're near a bookstore, grab a copy!

For me, being in Rangefinder is particularly satisfying because they actually show and talk about my photos! I've been in a lot of press, but it's a mixed blessing. The bicycling gets a lot of attention and that's OK, but it's nice to be acknowledged for being able to take a good photo or two as well ; )


Da Goof said...

It must be a blast to be in a favorite magazine.
That was a good article, not too bikeish nor too phototechish.

Loganenator said...

Great work Russ!

I hope this exposure (no pun intended) gives you some new gigs on your tour. :)