Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What the Flip?!

I've been toying with the idea of getting into video for a while, but haven't been willing to drop the serious dollars for a proper rig yet. However, I am willing to drop a few dollars for something that will let me experiment. Enter the Filp Ultra!

A small pocketable video camera that shoots up to 60 minutes of web-grade video that you can slip into your pocket! Awesome. Exactly the kind of thing I would like to use on my bike tours to make mini videos. And you know what, the quality isn't half-bad....all things considered.

Take a look at this link. A documentary film maker literally tapes a Flip camera to his more expensive pro rig and edits the video the same way. The verdict, it's pretty darn impressive given its limitations.

The more I get into my different passions (photography, bicycling, etc.,) I'm learning that skill trumps technology. A cheap plastic Holga in the hands of a skilled photographer will make more compelling images than a Nikon D3 in the hands of a hack. We, too often, want to believe that technology will make us better photographers/artists/cyclists/younameit, but that isn't the case. True, it makes certain tasks easier or sexier, but technology will never replace skill.

So look for some video (shot on the cheap!) real soon.

(Note: The Rivendell video below was shot with a Flip)

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