Friday, August 01, 2008

Bilenky Goes to Hollywood

Had a wacky day today that started at 4am. I was invited to come on KTLA's morning show for a quick segment on bike commuting. I'm in the clip for all of 40 seconds but it was a fun time anyway. You can view the clip here (they cut out the part when I get to talk though..but I'm working on getting a DVD of the clip).

Here are some snaps from today!

Finally figured out a way to keep my Bilenky upright while on the train. Note use of automobile tie-down.

The super ornate Hollywood/Vine metro stop.

Henry and Ron, two League of American Bicyclists instructors that were also on the show.

Frank Buckley getting powdered and prepped for the show.

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Moe said...

Hey Russ, it was cool to see you and Henry there (you guys met at my Xmas Party). I was not able to watch the entire show since I left to San Diego, but I recorded the entire thing.