Saturday, November 03, 2007

A whole new bag of worms....

Since getting into this multimedia kick (by which I mean a span of three days), I'm discovering it's a whole new world. The vocabulary (for audio) is different from anything I've worked with. I'm still trying to build corollaries between audio and photography (gain = iso?, omnidirectional = wide angle, etc.,) so I can better wrap my head around it.

I got my H2 recorder yesterday and brought it to happy hour to test it out in possibly the worst recording area available, a crowded bar. It was fascinating to play with. I guess I've never had any decent audio recording equipment before. When I switch it so it uses the front mic with a 90 degree patten, it was pretty directional, dampening the ambient sound behind it (I guess its the equivalent of using a wide aperture in photography which renders the background soft and indistinct).

I also found this video series with Ira Glass talking about storytelling.

I watched all four videos of Ira and it was interesting to see how structured his storytelling techniques were. It's similar to photography where you give a wide shot, then move in closer, then find a subject and try to bring it to some visual climax. All this also ties back into my background as a literature major from UCLA, where we studied narrative structures and literary techniques.

My head is spinning trying to synthesize it all because I feel like I'm coming full circle including another media into my work. Expect to see some rough multimedia stuff on the site soon as I slowly wade through the learning process.

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