Tuesday, November 27, 2007

iPhone vs. my complete and utter loathing of ATT

This post is a bit of a non-sequitor and is not about bicycling or even photography. It is about another subject which could be a blog on its own--how much I loath AT&T/Sin-gular.

My poor first gen. Blackberry is dying a real undignified death in its dirty plastic protective case and I don't want to replace it with another non-Mac friendly device. What are my choices? The Sidekick? I owned exactly 4 different Sidekicks and destroyed them all. The moving mechanisms are fun but are prone to breaking.

Another Blackberry? I wasn't really excited about my current Blackberry when I bought it. I've always looked at it as a sort of the adult's version of the Sidekick. Basically a Sidekick if it were designed by someone from Microsoft, turning a generally youthful fun device into something that feels more like one of those house arrest ankle bracelets. It's only saving grace is that I haven't broken it yet...well, completely broken it...

That leaves me with the obvious choice of the iPhone. Sleek design. Mac-friendly. It really should be a no-brainer, except for the fact that for whatever godforsaken reason, Steve Jobs decided to make the official service provider of the iPhone...the devil.

Yes, the devil.

I had AT&T for years and had marginally good service. When they "upgraded" their networks a few years ago I got no service. I literally had to stand in the middle of my street to receive and make phone calls. When I complained and complained about this, all I could ever get from a rep. was "sorry, we're still in the process of upgrading." This "process" lasted for almost a year until I was close enough to the end of my contract (and patience), that I paid off my indentured status to go to another carrier.

My case is not unique and isn't even nearly as bad as it gets (Look up "hate ATT" and read other experiences). However, it was enough to realize that the AT&T logo is actually the Death Star from Star Wars.

Yes. The Death Star.

We all know who runs the Death Star don't we?

Dick Cheney.

Ok. What the heck does this have to do with anything?

I have gear acquisition syndrome and I really want the iPhone, but it is complicated by the fact I must make a pact with the devil to use one. So strong is my loathing for AT&T I will act against every impulsive and obsessive fiber in my body to wait for the glorious day when the iPhone is released from the clutches of the devil.

Seriously, when I saw the AT&T adds advertising themselves as the "new AT&T" I almost wet myself with laughter.

Commercial: Cingular. Welcome to the NEW AT&T!
Translation: We're changing our name and our image so hopefully you'll forget about how our company ritually molests its customers.

Hopefully that day may be close at hand. I've been reading about hacking the iPhone to get it to work with T-Mobile. Hmmm...

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