Sunday, November 04, 2007

My second Youtube video! and 1st SoundSlide!

I've been itching to use all the software and hardware I've recently acquired. I haven't had a chance yet to take it out on the field so I decided to work with some images I already had (like my bike tour photos from this summer). So, here's my 2nd attempt at voice-over and sound mixing.

I feel like I made a few improvements from the first one. First the overall image quality is better. I figured out some better output settings. Second, I feel that the sound is more consistent. The first one I did with the built in mic in my mac, so the sound is a little tinny and the levels are uneven. I recorded the sound for this second one with my H2 in a room with lots of soft surfaces and with properly adjusted levels. So far, I'm pretty happy with it. Can't wait to get all the technical stuff out of the way so I can concentrate on the storygtelling!

I also originally made a SoundSlide version first and was hoping to output it to quicktime with that software, but the conversion software wouldn't work. So if you want to see the SoundSlide version (which I actually think is better quality), check it out HERE.

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