Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Things I learned from episode 1....

I recently downloaded Adobe Lightroom and it is awesome. It has cut my post-processing time nearly in half. Interestingly, assembling the below video, the images took the least amount of time.

I spent about 4 hours listening, splicing and ordering the audio. I was working with three tracks...interview/narration, live audio, ambient sound. It was tricky juggling the three in Garage Band, though that may be more my fault than the software since I'm still trying to figure things out.

I realized while listening to the interview I have to become a better reporter and ask better questions. I got just barely enough to flesh it out and there were some instances a little more explanation would have been helpful.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased. This third attempt is a bit more complex. The timing is different in between the slides and I tried to link the visuals to the audio more. I deliberately used the song at the end as a closer because it was upbeat and made it feel richer.

The last few seconds have Davy talking over the music...that is two tracks, with the music track ducking beneath Davy's live narration. I was a bit worried about how much they would compete, but it turned out well.....

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