Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Episode 2: Fear and Loading

My mild ride with District reporter Rachel Powers through the port of Long Beach.


Anonymous said...

Wow looks like mission impossible risking a small child. Sneeking in high security areas for some in your face reality bad news.

But wait you guys went Blair Witch project hyping up your video that in reality only showed you and the infant abusing "DISTRICT REPORTER"
On public streets next to bridges and container terminals.

You should be ashamed of yourselfs for trying expose problems that dont exist.

RussRoca said...

The threat to the port is real and it's not hysteria. No one thinks crashing a plane into a building is hysteria now and neither will blowing up a container in the port after it happens. I don't know if you paid attention, the port of Long Beach is THE largest port on the west coast. That means if there was an attack, cities would be out of goods and services for weeks. It is a real target and not a make believe target.

I don't know if you remember when the longshoremen were on strike and the port was backed up and all you could see were carriers along the horizon. But that was a lot of stuff waiting to get into Long Beach to be distributed to the greater US.

You're right. We didn't go cut the fence run into a terminal and plant a pretend explosive on a vessel. Note taken.

No I don't want an activism medal. This isn't about activism. It's about showing a potentially dangerous oversight. This is the same port where they wanted to build an LNG terminal not too long ago and if you know anything about LNG, putting it in an area where there is a very high security risk is a bad idea.

Yes, we did travel on public roads. You don't have to travel down any secret private roads to wreak havoc.

So sorry to disappoint you if we weren't hardcore enough and didn't pull off some Jackass type stunt dressed in a ski mask tossing fake explosives from the car window.

If you live in Long Beach you should be concerned.