Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This was an assignment for the District (out this grab it while it's hot!). It's about a record store that caters to the DJ crowd that is closing down to lack of business. Apparently, records (like film) are also feeling the digital hurt.

The job was in Cerritos so I had a nice 30 mile ride ahead of me for the day. I arrived at the address that was on a directory listing to be greeted by an empty store front. The people next door told me that they moved a few years ago to another location about 5 miles away.

I find it on my Crackberry and peddle there. I was suppose to meet one of the co-owners for a portrait but he was a no show, so I did the best I could. I stuck around for an hour taking some snaps of customers browsing through records, but I wanted something more dramatic.

So I asked DJ Flip, one of the employees, if he would sit for a quick portrait. I set up an umbrella by a few crates of records. Flip had to sit crosslegged on the ground so I could get him the right height against the records. I pulled in tight though so you can't tell that he's just sitting on the floor. At the last minute he grabbed a beanie that said Crossfade and that was the perfect touch!

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