Friday, September 14, 2007

Another quick session....

Today was busy...had a 10am headshot shoot...client meeting...and then had to swap out my gear and load my stands and lights for a portrait assignment....I can't complain. It feels good to be busy. I just wish every day was this full of business. It's been a bit tough getting the gears rolling again since the bike tour and I took quite a bit of a financial hit for those three weeks. I was spending money and I wasn't bringing any in. Not that we were dining on caviar, but buying all the equipment for the trip during the last few months put a dent in the finances. C'est la vie.

This is a portrait of the two owners of The Gaslamp, a restaurant in Long Beach that has been threatened by the new development around it. The city seems to be trying to find things wrong to shut it down. They narrowly managed to retain their dancing license in this week's city council meeting, but their problems seem to be far from over.

Lighting for each was a single umbrella. For the shot outside, I had my foot on the base of the lightstand to keep it from being blown away.

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