Thursday, September 20, 2007

Long Beach Museum of Art or attack of the 6 foot orange baby

Just a few out takes from an assignment on the Long Beach Museum of Art. Yes, Long Beach has a museum. Several, in fact! It was a nice clear day so I didn't bring any flash gear. Just my backpack with a body and two lenses.

The building is actually a little tricky to photograph. I rode by at two different times of day and both times the sun was directly behind the building, casting a shadow on the front of the building. It's difficult to balance the really bright sky and the face of the building that's in shade. I tried to get a little creative and used the rim lighting on the front gate for some spark.

The interior is like any other musuem. Nice open spaces to appreciate art. This couple was friendly enough to let me photograph their art perusal.

Who knows what you'll find inside! Perhaps even a 6 foot tall orange baby!

The outside dining area of the musuem is a nice place to relax. I've always loved the yellow umbrellas and how they form a bright pattern. Here I was playing with relating the bottoms of the glasses to the umbrellas.

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