Tuesday, February 10, 2009

mini bike photography

I just put up a post about using a Dahon Speed TR in combination with the Ortlieb Shuttle Bike to go on photoshoots on BikeCommuters.com. When I can't bring my Bilenky, I use this combination and it works great!

The low overall center of gravity of the Dahon Speed TR balances out any potential top-heaviness from really loading up the Shuttle Bike. When I have lots of bus/train connections to make, this would be my set-up of choice. It also makes a great credit-card or S240 touring set up.

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EM said...

Great set up you have there. How do you find getting about in LA by bike like? Every time I visit there I'm just taken aback by all the urban sprawl. I didn't try the subway system, but want to the next time I'm there.