Friday, July 13, 2007

Test Flight....the little bike that could

Well, I've been testing out my equipment for my assignment this weekend. This is a photo of me tooling around the Bikestation with my loaded Bike Friday trying to get the feel of the bike with all the load.

I'll be taking a combination of bike, bus and train to travel the 226 miles to San Luis Obispo where my assignment is. It should qualify, easily, as the furthest car-free assignment I've done so far (I'm still waiting for Oprah to give me a call so I can ride out to Chicago and take her portrait).

I modified one of my Pelican cases so that I could mount it on my bike. The Pelican case is one rugged case. I often use it as a step stool to get a little height during photoshoots.

I purchased some mounting hardware from Ortlieb and drilled holes into the case.

So far, it has held up admirably without popping off the rack once, which is a testimony to how great the Ortlieb hardware is.


velocycling said...

That is a way cool commute. Have fun

Anonymous said...

Could you specify what hardware you bought to secure the Pelican box to your rack? Please? Thanks!!

RussRoca said...

You can get the hardware here:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Russ!