Thursday, July 12, 2007

My furthest assignment....

This weekend I'm going on a mini-adventure! I've been hired to shoot a weekend documentary portrait of a family celebrating their new reloaction. In many ways this is my dream assignment. I've found a client that understands my approach and he also happens to be the CEO of a wonderful company called, Blue Marble.

Blue Marble is an investing firm that specializes in creating socially counscious portfolios. We're both in tune with many issues and he loved and understood why I bike. He asked me if I would be interested in taking a trip to San Luis Obispo and I said yes!

San Luis Obispo is quite a way by bike and as much as I'd love to ride the entire stretch, I won't be able to this time around. I am, however, taking Amtrak. There is a station in SLO and it's a short ride from there to their house.

I still find it pretty amazing the places you can go without a car and a little ingenuity.

I'll be documenting my trip as I go....

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