Thursday, July 26, 2007

Poll Added

Blogger has finally added a polling function. Awesome. Now I can ask all those deeply profound questions that keep me up all night.

Okay, so maybe my first poll question isn't so profound, but it is a real concern. I sometimes wonder how random people perceive me when I'm rolling down the street. Am I not taken seriously because of the bike or am I seen as forward thinking and just practicing for the impending carpocalypse?

Buzz in.

Tell your friends.

If you want to qualify your answer beyond the very descriptive "Genius" or "Professional Suicide" choices, please comment in this posting.

1 comment:

Claire said...

Genius -- not sarcastic and intended to be self-deprecating, but genuinely exemplary in its forward-thinkingness. Your ability to so thoroughly knit your values and your everyday actions is really inspiring. To live where it is possible, with a good deal but not impossible amount of effort, to live a car-free lifestyle is awesome, and, in this suburb and sprawl-filled country, is very lucky as well. It may not be the media-enforced 'norm' -- but who cares? -- it is awesome and logical and, hopefully, will continue to increase in prevalence. Thank you for continuing to ride -- and for having decided to ride in the first place. Praise and gratitude from another member of the under 30 set may not be exactly what you are desiring at the moment, but hopefully it is some encouragement. I am also car-free; at present, a walking and biking student, but hope to never own a car -- although possibly an Xtracycle at some point.